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The administration pages cover user administration, backup and restore, network settings, security and setting the Hub ID. Select the required administration function from the menu on the left of the page.

User administration

Users can be added, modified and deleted from within the User Administration pages.
Select Add New User or Edit/Delete User to administer users.

Network Settings

This is not currently enabled and all network settings should be done using the USB stick method described here.


A Mobius node can be backed up or restored by downloading or uploading a configuration zip file. All settings including user details, Node-RED flows and Mobius node configurations are included in a back up.
To perform a backup, set a name (the default is mobius-backup with the date and time automatically added) and click the Backup button. This will download a zip file containing your backup.
To perform a restore, click the Upload Zip button and select a Mobius backup file. Once the file has uploaded click the Restore button. If the node does not restart after a minute, manually reboot the node by removing power.
A full article covering backup and restore can be found here.

Setting the Hub ID

All Mobius nodes are identified by their hub ID. This is a six character hexadecimal number and should be unique within any group of Mobius nodes. See MobiusFlow Architecture and MobiusFlow Uniform Resource Identifiers for more information about Hub IDs.