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Deploy MobiusFlow® to Your Fleet

Deploy MobiusFlow® to a balenaCloud fleet

What You Will Need?

  1. 1.
    A balenaCloud account with Microservices access (this requires a paid account)
  2. 2.
    A compatible balenaCloud fleet (Up Board, Intel NUC or Raspberry Pi 4)
You should always backup your MobiusFlow® device before deploying a new version.
See Backup and Restore for more details

Deploying from balenaHub

BalenaHub is a market place for compatible applications ready to be deployed to your device with just a few clicks.
Navigate to your balenaCloud dashboard and login in
Navigate to balenaHub to select which version of MobiusFlow® to deploy
Navigate to the Apps page
Search for MobiusFlow
balenaHub search
Select the correct device type
Click on the Deploy button
Deploy MobiusFlow® to fleet
Balena will switch to your balenaCloud dashboard
You can create a new fleet here or deploy to an existing fleet. If creating a new fleet refer to the Creating a Fleet section for details on what settings are required
Create new fleet or deplot to existing fleet
If you already have a new fleet or want to upgrade the MobiusFlow® version on existing devices, select Use an existing fleet instead
Choose an existing fleet
Select the fleet from the drop down and click on the Deploy to fleet button
After a few seconds you will see the new release being built for your fleet
New release building
This will take a minute or two. Once the build is complete you will see the release on the dashboard. All devices, which have not been pinned to a specific release, in your fleet will automatically start to update to the new release.
You can also view the release history in the Releases page of your fleet.
New release deployed
Click on a device Summary to see which release it is running. You can also pin device to specific releases on this screen
Device details