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Creating a Fleet

Create a new balenaCloud fleet
After signing up to balenaCloud follow their instructions to create a fleet and add your first device. We have simplified the process so you will only need to perform some of the actions they list. The steps below outline the process but for more information see the documentation.

What You Will Need?

This guide assumes you will be using a Raspberry Pi 4. The instructions are the same for the UP and Intel NUC devices with the exception of loading the initial balenaOS onto your device.
  1. 1.
    A balenaCloud account with Microservices access (this requires a paid account)

Creating a New Fleet

A fleet is a collection of devices with the same device type (or architecture). Fleets allow simple management of a group of devices
Navigate to your balenaCloud dashboard and login in
Navigate to the Fleets page
Click on the Create Fleet button
Create your first Fleet
Enter a fleet name
Choose device type Raspberry Pi 4 (using 64bit OS)
Select fleet type Microservices
Click on the Create new fleet button
Create new fleet details
You have created your first balenaCloud fleet! Now go to Adding Your First Device to add a device to this fleet