Deploying MobiusFlow® to a BalenaCloud Fleet

Deploy MobiusFlow® to a new balenaCloud device or update existing devices
You must be signed up to and have a paid plan as these MobiusFlow® images use the Microservices fleet type which is only available on a paid plan

What is balenaCloud?

BalenaCloud is a small device fleet management platform which simplifies the process of managing and maintaining 1000s of edge devices. It allows secure remote access and monitoring of each device and installing and updating product firmware of an entire fleet with a few simple clicks. See balenaCloud for more information.

What Device Types are Supported?

We currently have software images for thee different device types for balenaCloud. These are:
UP Board from Aaeon
Image supports:
  • UP2 Edge
  • UP2 Edge Pro
  • Up Extreme Edge
  • and more..
Raspberry Pi 4
Perfect for:
  • Low cost deployments
  • Proof of Concept applications
  • Testing and demonstrations
Intel NUC
  • Many different manufacturers
  • Wide range of prices depending on specification
  • Always available
We reccomend at least 1Gb of RAM and 8Gb of storage for all devices
If you have a requirement for a different device type on balenaCloud contact us at or submit a support ticket by clicking on the support link above
If you are ready to get started, jump into the Creating a Fleet section to begin creating your first fully managed MobiusFlow® device on balenaCloud.