Device Variables

Understanding the MobiusFlow® balenaCloud Device Variables

balenaCloud devices are configured using Device Variables. When deploying MobiusFlow® to a balenaCloud fleet a number of Device Variables are created with default values. These are defined at the fleet level but can be overridden at the device level. More information about working with balenaCloud Device Variables can be found here.

For most devices the only Device Variables that require changing are listed below. The rest can be left at their default values.



Remember to override the Device Variables at the device level and not at the fleet level.

Any changes at the fleet level will apply to all devices in the fleet.

MobiusFlow Device Variables

The image below shows the Device Variables created when MobiusFlow® is deployed to balenaCloud.

Expand the items below for detailed information on each Device Variable


Enable or disable the MobiusFlow® configuration user interface

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • true - Enable the configuration user interface

  • false - Disable the configuration user interface


Select which authentication provider to use for the Engine Rest API.

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • local - Use the local user database


The Engine Rest API port

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • 8443


The HUB ID used by this MobiusFlow® instance

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • 000001 - Can be any six digit hex number


Reset all MobiusFlow® Service pre-shared keys on startup

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • true - reset the pre-shared keys on startup

  • false - do not reset the pre-shared keys on startup


The MobiusFlow® licence code for this device

Possible Values: a valid licence code


Change the MobiusFlow® licence code. Set this to true when replacing an licence code

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • true - Change the licence code

  • false - Use existing licence code


The maximum time in milliseconds that any MobiusFlow® Service will wait for a response to a MobiusFlow® message

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • 10000 - any number greater than 1000


Log changes of MobiusFlow® Services status to the standard logs

Possible Values: (default shown in bold)

  • true - log the service status changes to the standard logs

  • false - do not log the service statis changes to the standard logs

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