Deploy MobiusFlow to Your Fleet

Deploy MobiusFlow® to a balenaCloud fleet

What You Will Need?

  1. A balenaCloud account with Microservices access (this requires a paid account)

  2. A compatible balenaCloud fleet (Up Board, Intel NUC or Raspberry Pi 4)

You should always backup your MobiusFlow® device before deploying a new version.

See Backup and Restore for more details

Deploying from balenaHub

BalenaHub is a market place for compatible applications ready to be deployed to your device with just a few clicks.

Navigate to your balenaCloud dashboard and login in

Navigate to balenaHub to select which version of MobiusFlow® to deploy

Navigate to the Apps page

Search for MobiusFlow

Select the correct device type

Click on the Deploy button

Balena will switch to your balenaCloud dashboard

You can create a new fleet here or deploy to an existing fleet. If creating a new fleet refer to the Creating a Fleet section for details on what settings are required

If you already have a new fleet or want to upgrade the MobiusFlow® version on existing devices, select Use an existing fleet instead

Select the fleet from the drop down and click on the Deploy to fleet button

After a few seconds you will see the new release being built for your fleet

This will take a minute or two. Once the build is complete you will see the release on the dashboard. All devices, which have not been pinned to a specific release, in your fleet will automatically start to update to the new release.

You can also view the release history in the Releases page of your fleet.

Click on a device Summary to see which release it is running. You can also pin device to specific releases on this screen

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