Configuring MobiusFlow®

Configure a MobiusFlow® instance for connectors

What You Will Need?

  1. Your connector's serial number (see label on bottom of connector)

  2. A running instance of MobiusFlow®

  3. A configured MQTT broker (this is usually an MQTT broker running in your MobiusFlow® instance

Configuring MobiusFlow®

The configuration screenshots in the guide assume you are using an MQTT broker running in the same instance of MobiusFlow®. You should adjust the configuration to suit your setup. An example of the broker configuration is shown below

Login in to your MobiusFlow® instance and navigate to the Configuration tab

Drag a mobius connectors service from the palatte on the left into the centre configuration tree

Ensure that Enabled and Run At Start or ticked and optionally add a service description

In the MQTT Broker field enter the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your MQTT broker. If you are using a broker configured in the same MobiusFlow® instance enter localhost

If you are using an MQTT broker running in the same MobiusFlow® instance enter localhost into the MQTT Broker field.

You can prefix your broker name with MQTTS:// to enable TLS for this connection e.g. MQTTS://

Enter the port that the broker is listening on into the MQTT Port field

This is usually 1883 for unsecured connections or 8883 for TLS connections.

If you entered localhost into the field above use 1883

If your MQTT broker requires a username and password for authentication enter these into the MQTT Username and MQTT Password fields. You can leave these two fields blank if your MQTT broker does not require them

Click Save Changes

Search for a mobiusFlowConnector object in the left hand palatte and drag one onto the mobius connectors service you have just configured

Optionally change the Name, and add a Description and Location. Leave the default Instance and Parent field values

Changing the Name will make it easier to find the connector in the diagnostics tab

In the Serial Number field enter the serial number of the connector you are adding. This can be found on the label on the bottom of the connector and usually starts MF_00

The connection between the connector and the MobiusFlow® instance is authorised and encoded with a pre-shared key (PSK) or password. You can freely define this PSK but the same key must be entered into the MobiusFlow® configuration and the corresponding connector.

We recommend a difficult to guess pre-shared key of at least 16 characters

Click Save Changes

Starting the mobius connectors Service

Navigate to the Diagnostics page

Click on the mobius connectors service start button ▶️

The service will start and show that it has connected to the MQTT broker

If you make any changes to the mobius connectors service, any configured connectors, or add a new connector you should restart the mobius connectors to make the new configuration take effect

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