Configure Network Page

Configure the wired or wireless Ethernet connection

Select Network Type

You can choose to use a wired or wireless (2.4GHz WiFi) connection to connect a connector to your MobiusFlow® instance

Select your network type using the Connect Via dropdown. The page layout will change depending on the option selected

When using a wireless connection you need to enter the WiFi network's SSID (name) and password. You can click on the Scan WiFi Networks button to get a list of available WiFi networks

You can set a connection timeout in minutes. If the connector fails to connect to a network within this time it will reboot and try again

Select TCP/IP Mode

You can choose to use a DHCP server to allocate the connector an IP Address or set a static IP Address. If you choose to use a static IP Address a few more options will be shown. Set these according to your network

Save Settings

Once you have configured all network settings click the Save button

Click the Home button on the settings saved confirmation page to return to the Home page

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