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Configure the MQTT connection to MobiusFlow®

MobiusFlow® connectors send and receive data via MQTT. You need to configure the MQTT settings to match the configuration you set in the Configuring MobiusFlow® section of this guide.

MQTT Broker Settings

You can choose any MQTT client ID but this must be unique for your MQTT broker. The default is the connector's serial number

Enter the IP Address or URL of the MQTT broker. You do not need to specify MQTT:// or MQTTS:// before the URL

Enter the MQTT Port number. This is normally 1883 or 8883 for TLS enabled connections

If required enter the MQTT broker authorisation Username and Password. These can be left blank if no authentication is required

Enter the same pre-shared key (PSK) as you entered in the Configuring MobiusFlow® section of this guide


If you are using TLS make sure you check the TLS using CA Certificate option. You must also set the correct CA Server Certificate on the Manage Certificates page

You may also choose to use a Client Certificate and Key. Check this option if required and ensure that you have setup your client certificate and key on the Manage Certificates page

Save Settings

Once you have configured all MQTT settings click the Save button

Click the Home button on the settings saved confirmation page to return to the Home page

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