Configuring MobiusFlow Connectors

Configure your MobiusFlow® Connector and connect it to a MobiusFlow® instance

The Connector collects data from sensors and sends data to actuators via standard wireless sensor protocols such as EnOcean and Workplace Occupancy, and sends this data securely to a MobiusFlow® Gateway or MobiusFlow® Virtual Cloud Gateway using the MQTT based MobiusFlow® Sensor Protocol.

Once the data has been received by a MobiusFlow® Gateway it is decoded and the associated MobiusFlow® object is updated with the latest sensor readings which can then be processed by the gateway.

Part Numbers

It is possible to have up to two radios for wireless sensors in a single connector. This is useful when you have combination of sensors using different protocols.

The current options are EnOcean and Workplace Occupancy using either 868MHz for the EMEA region of 915MHz for the USA and Canada.

Part NumberRegionEnOceanWorkplace Occupancy


EMEA (868MHz)


EMEA (868MHz)


EMEA (868MHz)


US (915MHz)


US (915MHz)


US (915MHz)

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